Ahrend Smart Office

A work environment that fits your changing needs


Have a flexible plan

Your company may grow, your workforce may change, large projects constantly evolve and activities will shift.
Whatever the reason, the requirements for your work environment will change. But are you ready for these changes?

With Ahrend Smart Office you will know exactly how to improve your work environment.

Fact-based insights

Suppose your employees aren’t using these desks enough. Your dashboard shows low occupancy per workplace, visualised on a realistic map of your office. At the same time, your employees complain about the limited number of available meeting rooms.

What if you could instantly interchange the products at the office?

Easily swap products

By replacing the desks with a meeting room you will significantly increase employee satisfaction. This Ahrend Flexbox is a self-contained space that doesn't need to be anchored to the floor.

Your dashboard shows the product options you have and the potential effect on capacity and occupancy rates.

Happy employees and a perfect fit

Set and monitor your own key performance indicators. Your dashboard will show you the results based on the product changes you make and if you are still on track.

The joy of leasing means that any product in your subscription will automatically offset your monthly fee so there is no need to invoice the changes.

Furniture as a Service

  • Flexible: A subscription model gives you the opportunity to create dynamic workspaces, based on your actual needs, without having to dispose or store existing furniture.
  • Usage – based: Don’t pay for overcapacity. Optimise the number of workstations and m2.
  • Circular: Reduce your footprint and attain sustainable goals. Pro-active asset management increases the lifespan of your furniture.

Download our Asset Management Whitepaper

Learn how asset management is essential for a circular work environment.

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You are in control

We provide you with the tools to get real-time insights on the actual usage of your work environment. Act instantly on these insights.

  • What furniture is where?
  • How often is the furniture being used?
  • How are employees using the furniture?

Personal control for your employees

Ahrend Comfort Workstation is all about personal control in the workplace. This highly innovative desk with an integral high-tech solution, enables your employees to work in a more productive and healthy way.

Together, Ahrend and independent research organisation TNO co-developed the Comfort Workstation.

Wireless charging with the Ahrend PuK

Take control over your own desk. The Ahrend PuK allows you to seamlessly check-in at your desk and simultaneously charge your smartphone wirelessly!

You can easily find your colleagues and available desks in real-time with the Ahrend Smart Working App.

Ahrend PuK

Ergonomic Passport

By placing the smartphone on the Ahrend PUK, the workplace adjusts automatically to your personal height. Your digital assistant in the Smart Working App teaches you to set your personal ergonomic sitting and standing height.

Making it simple to keep the right sit-stand balance and to work ergonomically!

Ahrend Ergonomic Passport

Personal ventilation

Personalise your climate and take control of your temperature at the office. This air-circulation system has a filter that improves air-quality and cools down your perceived temperature.

As well as contributing to your personal comfort and wellbeing, it can decrease energy consumption by 10%!

Ahrend Comfort Workstation Ventilation

Heated table top

Never feel cold again, thanks to the integrated heating in the table top. Your laptop will stay cool because of the special U-shaped heating element.

As well as the desk contributing to the personal comfort and wellbeing of the employee, it could also save 10% on energy consumption!

Ahrend Comfort Workstation heated table top

Biodynamic Lighting

Various studies show that good lighting has a significant positive impact on our health, wellbeing, alertness and sleep quality.

Biodynamic lighting (by TRILUX Bicult®) integrated into the Comfort Workstation, allows you to manage both the level and the colour of the light.

Trilux Bicult
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